entry 6 – day 153

currently brainstorming ways to reformat this thing, in a way to really showcase and section off the different facets in a structured yet visually appealing categorized layout .

that’s probably the designer/artist in me.
i did minor in art and all.

my job heavily involves graphics, but not in the artistically creative sense, and i really relish during the times i get to nurture something that requires me to utilize my right brain.

anyway, i want to redesign this here “digital diary” to better reflect the way i think and who i am, in addition to efficiently providing a better way to engage and connect with other souls that are also traveling on the road to recovery.

it’s quite apparent that i enjoy sharing quotes i find inspirational and thought-provoking, but i intend on incorporating more personal elements, such as songs and photos, as i firmly believe those provide more depth but on different levels. i mean, being able to fully feel “all the feels” is one of the most euphoric side effects of living a sober life, and it’s important to let yourself feel everything, whether it lifts you up or brings you down. everything is fleeting, so it’s critical to allow yourself to let these things flow through you and then carry on.

just some thoughts i’ve been having, so if you actually read to this point — thanks, man.

to maintain the continuity of this entry and message, i’d like to share a very raw “self portrait” (sounds much less shallow than “selfie,” right?) i recently took, that captures and evokes alot of mixed thoughts and feelings.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

okay, so shortly after i had my wake-up call (the one that finally lured me into my new life, the one i refer to as my “8th life” and also my personal “spiritual awakening”), i came to a point where i was finally allowing myself to grieve over everything i had done… which coincidentally and sadly happened to be the same week mr. leonard cohen left us… i made the decision to have these words inked onto my skin. :

“ring the bells that still can ring. forget your perfect offering. there is a crack in everything. that’s how the light gets in.” -leonard cohen

i had them placed on the backsides of both of my arms, right in a place that i could tightly hug, whenever i needed to. it’s been a powerful reminder to love and learn to forgive myself, because since then, i’ve hit some awfully low lows, and forcefully remembered these words –this anthem– and managed to successfully conquer those valleys and keep on marching.

remember to keep on marching, friends. i’m right by your side.


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